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  • What to Look for When Buying a hotel door lock

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    First off, you have to decide what kind of lock you want to purchase. At their most basic level, smart locks are generally divided into two categories: those with keypads, and those without. A keypad gives you the option of assigning codes to different people, so you don't have to hand them a physical key, or have to remember to bring a key with you when you leave your house. Another good feature to look for is a built-in alarm that will sound when someone tries to forcibly open the lock; the better locks will have this feature, plus the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the alarm. 
    Many homeowners will find that locks with a passage functions are sufficient for most interior door knobs. This lock set has no cylinder and is freely operational from both sides of the door at all times. It is used on doors in hallways, closets, and other rooms where locks are no needed. Privacy locks are similar to passage locks, but they include locking using a push or turn button from inside of a room, they are used on bathrooms and bedrooms, where privacy is needed, and typically feature and emergency release mechanism on the outside. 

  • Choose a high security hotel door lock

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    After more than a year of ongoing tests of more than a dozen leading smart locks, including side-by-side tests and real-world everyday use, we think the new Avent Security Digital Door Lock is the best choice for most homeowners. This model takes what was already the fastest, most reliable smart lock in daily use and gives it more-secure all-metal internals and a much smaller, more attractively designed interior portion. The unique tap-to-unlock mechanism uses high quality touch screen pad to sense your fingerprint to unlock the door. 
    A great smart lock needs to be at least as secure as a traditional deadbolt and a lot more convenient in order to justify the high price premium, and the Avent Security Smart Lock fits the bill better than any other lock. Its signature touch trigger makes locking and unlocking a door notably faster than using a key, a keypad, or fingerprint, and remote control based authentication is more secure than automatic operation based on geo fencing, which can unintentionally unlock your door when you’re still blocks away from actually arriving home. 

  • The importance of how to choice the hotel door lock

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    As a high-tech products electronic door locks, hotel door locks in the area has become the leading product, but how to choose the electronic lock is a major problem plagued users. According to Nanfang Daily reported that a four star hotel in Shenzhen, because officers do not understand the electronic lock project selection method, select a low-cost electronic door locks, resulting in the use of the hotel electronic door locks, after six months, there has been locked Body rusty, not working properly and so seriously affect the reputation and services by the hotel, when looking for the manufacturer to resolve, they find that manufacturers have disappeared, to the hotel bring substantial economic and reputation losses. 
    The encryption key in the smart card, the same feeder the various smart card electronic lock keys are used in physics password authentication, security, reliability of the electronic key, the data stored in more than 10 years, and all of the electronic key In order to improve security performance in the coding encryption algorithms are used, in addition to software developed with independent intellectual property systems to produce electronic key, the electronic key is impossible to copy, to overcome the mechanical key can be copied and strong, the shortcomings of low safety improve the safety locks.

1. What kinds of products can Avent Security sell?
Avent Security provides Fingerprint Door Locks, Password (Code) Door Locks, RF Card Door Locks (Hotel Door Locks) and the accessories related.
2. Where we can find the products?
There are sales agents and distributors in Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Columbia, Brazil, and USA.
3. What is the product warranty?
All products have 1 year limited warranty. You can find the details on the warranty page.
4. What forms of cooperation can Avent Security provide?
Joining our sales agent/distributors group to promote our products can have the greatest support. In additional, OEM and ODM collaborations are available.
5. What certificate Avent Security has?
For the products there are CE, FCC, Rosh available. The company has ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, and IOS14001 for the management system certificate.
6. What projects does Avent Security get?
Sky Center Apartment (Vietnam), Saigon Mia Residence (Vietnam), Solo Express Hotel (Thailand), Waterford Sukhumvit (Thailand), The Art Residence (Vietnam), El Nido Beach Hotel (Philippines) …etc. are the project cases in these 3 years.